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We at Mono Translation Bureau take up contractual assignments which have anything to do with languages, writing and the like, be it editing, proof reading, dubbing, transcription, sub-titling, language classes, translations, interpretations, research work, technical writing and ghost writing.

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This handsome young man is someone who is not merely tech savvy, but who genuinely strives to maintain the best interest of his clients. From personal experience, I can say that the past website of MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU had got into a mess because of the inept and deliberate bungling of a fraudulent person, which was ultimately cleared with a lot of hard work and challenging attitude by Soumya.

Information Technology has always been an abiding passion and a domain where he feels his best will show. The little glitches that plague non-tech savvy people like me – he almost always manages to solve the issue. Instead of waxing eloquent further, here are his contact details – do get in touch if there is any computer related issue. His services have a very reasonable price tag - and that is a further bonus !

His organization :                     ITcetra Solutions
Organisation's website URL : www.itcetrasolutions.com
Email :                                       soumyarup.ghosh@itcetrasolutions.com
Mobile :                                     7044367178
References : 1. Santojit Kar                   santojit@oasysinfo.com
                      2. Indrani Chakravarty     chakraindrani@gmail.com
                      3. Mandira Ganguly         9836306111

Opinions Count

I would highly recommend Malobika Chatterjee of MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU. She is a true professional; a class act. Her words truly speak and paint pictures. The emotions are just where they should be.

JAMES CONNELLYMaster decorative artist, designer, tv celebrity and actor

Malobika Chatterjee (nee Chaudhuri) is known to me for a number of years. She is an endowed professional and meets deadlines, and most importantly maintains highest standards of publishing ethics. Malobika has translated twelve short stories of R N Tagore, under the aegis of Frontpage Publications Limited that has an introduction by an internationally acclaimed scholar on Tagore.

We are currently working together for another project to be published in early 2021.

I wish Malobika and her organisation all the very best.

Abhijit MazumderDirector - Frontpage Publications

I would like to convey my appreciation for the translatipon done for some of my books. Though written in Bengali, it is amazing that the exact emotions I wanted to express came through just like I was writing in English myself.

You weave magic with words.

Sukumar RujEditor - "Alo", a tri-monthly Literary Magazine

Malobika is a highly professional translator with excellent fluency in English. She is a warm, considerate and understanding person who honours all her work commitments with care, compassion and proficiency.

I highly recommend Malobika and her translation services at Mono Translation Bureau to whoever requires it.

Sudakshina BhattacharjeeCommercial Writer and Content Marketer

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