Our broad range of services include Writing Services. Copy Editing. Other Services.

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU began with a conscious decision to have career which did not entail saying ‘Yes Sir, No Sir, three bags full Sir’ to any boss. A passion for writing and a desire to paint with the help of words. In this day of proliferation of technology, there is also a little bit of candlelight, a little bit of old fashioned ‘standing and staring’ in our organization. I thank my grandfather, the late MONORANJAN SENGUPTA, all mentors and also very importantly each and every single team member.

Writing Services

Web Copy Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU maximizes your online and offline achievements with compelling and unique copy that ranges from online guides, blog posts to sales content too. Whether you want to increase assignments, website traffic or sales, our copywriter services can help in achieving targets.

Article Writing

Article writing take times and effort – particularly if SEO is involved. Mono Translation Bureau assures you of excellent whether you are looking for SEO articles or custom content with effective impact. The result will be powerful and valuable backlinks to your website. You are assured of getting search engine optimized articles that are easy on your pocket. All articles are well researched from the internet and elsewhere.

Ghost Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU writes for you in any genre and in any language of your choice. Especially when your schedule is very packed, we offer you professional services, matching the highest standards. Celebrities, Executives, Doctors, Politicians, small businessmen as well as famous authors are these days delegating such assignments to us. There are a number of options - precisely defining your topic, finalizing details, fine tuning the matter and then handing over the book to you.


The Transcription services that MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU offers covers academics, meetings, seminars, conferences, videos, research and whatever else might be required to be put into the written script. Accuracy is always kept in mind. Among some fields we cover are media interviews, sermons, medical research, academic lectures and speeches, general conversations and legal cases. Further, we strictly follow the NDA Policy, which assures our clients of the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Travel Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU forges a bridge to the place which is being focussed on. Boring sentences or top-heavy words are avoided and the language is kept crisp and juicy. Attention is also paid to the landscape around and the language used is always simple and terse. There is the genre of armchair travellers – who have the entire world as a choice before them. It could be a tour of the entire globe or a small little expedition. Then, we sometimes include the anonymously filmed holiday clippings by amateurs, which can make for very interesting reading.

Language Translation

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is a flexible and versatile language service – and has been in the profession for over 37 years. All business contracts, legal, medical documents – in any regional or international language can be translated accurately and punctually. Where literature is concerned we suggest human translation – the subtle nuances can be handled far better. The use of CAT tools can be done, but for highly specialised or technical matter they could be a better option. SEO and Digital Marketing requirements are yet another option that can be handled. The TAT or turn around time is adhered to very strictly.

Document Rewriting

To re-write or spin a document saves a lot of time – our team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU always keeps quality and the time factor in mind. Our team efficiently handles large amount of articles and does not take forever and a day to do it. The SEO factor is always kept in mind to increase the efficacy factor of whatever matter has been handed to us by any client. The overall message and meaning of the original content are left intact while the wording is changed significantly. So far as technical matters are concerned, the team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU makes sure about understanding the text that and then rewriting it to produce a different, readable version of the spun content. The clients who approach us for this are mostly content creators, website administrators, bloggers and marketing agencies in an effort to emulate the success of existing content while appearing original.

Web Content Writing

The Web Content Writing Services that are offered by MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU ensures delving into, analysing and displaying articles from sources that are reliable. Anyone who approaches us for this category of service get updated material without any need for continual research. It has never been easier to filter and search for news. However, our team ensures that each author can convey information to their target audience, receives feedback and display their posts to as wide an audience as possible.

Story Writing

Right at the outset we, team MONO TRANMSLATION BUREAU, would like to clarify that we ask the client to state clearly what (s)he wishes is to be the kernel of the story. That is what we base the actual writing on. The other option is to leave the entire decision to us – but then, the story line, whatever it may be cannot be juggled about after it has been completed. The team chooses independent story ideas from sense of curiosity and where a treasure trove of short story ideas can be found. We incorporate the surroundings and ask why things are the way they are. What if they were different ? What would that look like and how would it work ? All ideas are then merged together smoothly.

Technical Writing

The technical writers of MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU put in a lot of hard work and of course practice too. Texts are read thoroughly and only then is the appropriate words chosen. Our team not only know the skill of writing, but also how to put the most complicated ideas in simple words. Thanks to Technology continually advancing, at MTB, everything is about efficiency, teamwork, and being agile. This segment of our team is skilled at writing with technical writing tools. We are aware of what is being offered on the market. We ensure support of popular tech writing formats like Word, PDF, CHM. We also use Single-Sourcing that can save a lot of time and effort for us.

Professional Blog Writing

When clients approach MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU for blog writing, one of our initial steps is asking for the topics of genre they wish to highlight. There is also always the option of leaving the choice to us. We always suggest picking something that the client is passionate about – whether personal or professional. First of all the research is done, facts checked and then is the outline. A speaking headline is important – in that it captures the attention and is also informative. MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU also keeps a log of every idea or topic. The angle is important and also avoiding a broad angle. In that case the impact has a tendency to peter out.

Medical Writing

The Medical Writing team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU applies the principles of clinical research in developing clinical trial documents. The result is a clear description of research results, product use and other medical information. Our team of medical writers prepare a wide range of documents involved in the regulatory process drug medical device. It could include clinical study reports, investigator’s brochures, clinical study protocols, clinical investigational plans (CIPs) or clinical overviews. Our team combines knowledge, ability and attitude.

Book Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU ensures what the various categories of clients ask for, are clarified before beginning work. What kind of book are they looking for ? It could be a novel, a book of short stories, poetry or even nonfiction on specialized subjects. There is another important factor – what English does the client prefer – British or American. A story line is chosen that is strong and creates a strong climax and resolution that draws to the most satisfactory conclusion. While book writing, whether it be novel, poetry or short story compilation, Mono Translation Bureau makes it a point to put down a one-page summary; sometimes the client says this is unnecessary and we go along with that. There is also the question 1st, 2nd or 3rd person that we make sure about.

Scientific Writing

The Scientific Writing team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU uses the passive voice while writing – verbosity is avoided, clarity enhanced and the writing always has a life to it. While the passive voice is acceptable at times, the better part of the time it is better to keep to the active voice. As happens with any assignment, sometimes there is a writer’s block. Then we let the team take a break and perhaps dabble with another assignment till the ideas start flowing again. We make sure that there are word limits – so that unnecessarily time is not wasted, meandering on and on. The audience is always considered and the scientific writing looked at from the reader’s point of view. We tend to pose the question (to ourselves !) ‘Why would we consider this to be important ?’ or ‘Why would I want to spend time reading this ?’ The team always keeps in mind that the reader was not physically present during the time of experimentation and so the descriptions that we present are vital to their understanding and why the process was continued and what result was achieved.

Research Writing

The questions that the Research Team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU begins with are - what can we expect in a research paper, where are the sources found and what exactly is research writing ? There is original custom writing along the lines that a client orders and is penned from scratch. Questions can be posted on any matter and an early response is assured. A very important issue is rights to the writing that the client has ordered. On completion the work is absolutely free from plagiarism and the quality is that of the highest. On delivery the ownership is strictly yours. No copy is kept, so, there are no chances of suddenly rearing its head in some data base. Only research writers with verified and trusted degrees and who have English as the first language are part of the panel of Mono Translation Bureau.

Script Writing

At MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU use is made of Screenplay format story visually. Script writing is writing down the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of the characters in screenplay, in screenplay format. Screenplay format is used to express the story visually. Scriptwriters or screenwriters write for film, television, video games,and now even online web series. It is all about is writing down the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of the characters in the screenplay. There are different types of screen plays : Screenplays, Playwriting. Plays are productions that occur live, on a physical stage rather than the metaphoric stage of film or television. Another genre we cater for is Audio Drama.

Creative Writing

From 37 years of experience it is evident to MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU that this is a form of writing where creativity is at the forefront. What is used is imagination, creativity and innovation in order to tell a story. There are hard hitting written visuals with an emotional impact. It is somewhat similar to poetry writing, novel writing, short story writing and more. The senses and emotions are used What differentiates creative writing from other genre of writing the most is that the former always has a unique plot. It is often seen as the opposite of journalistic or academic writing. Characters are necessary for creative writing.

Newspaper Writing

Newspaper writing falls into a different category altogether. We at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU deal efficiently with news and feature articles. We are careful to differentiate between a news story and a feature story. Feature articles cover one subject from multiple angles, are longer and written in a more creative, entertaining format. News articles cover the basics of current events. They answer the questions : who, what, where, how and when. Our lead sentence is sure to catch the catch the attention of the reader immediately. We make sure about incorporating an intellectual or emotional hook to get the reader interested early. It is vital to remember that both news and features demand the same level of research and reporting, which Team Mono Translation Bureau does.

Product Description Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is well aware of the fact that a product description can make or break a sale. We ensure that the products of the client are made in such a manner that there is a virtual clamour for their products. All our buyers are ‘ideal’ buyers and our team does their best to ensure their continued financial wellbeing. There is always an excitement about individual product features and specifications. There are no mundane features and specs. MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU makes it abundantly clear what is the bottom level benefit for the clients — how it will address their biggest pain points. The benefits of the products are highlighted.

Press Release Writing

This is yet another category handled by MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU. The initial step we take is spotting a newsworthy angle. The introduction provides essential information and the story is summarized in the subtitle. From fashion to finance, start-ups to health care - our experienced and professional press release writers understand what works and will craft press releases that attract the media and connect with the target audiences. Our team maximizes time and resources by incorporating their expertise with the raw thoughts and offer a media-ready story.

SEO Content Writing

So far as any digital marketing service is concerned, SEO Content writing is a very important part of the numerous writing services that we have to offer. Experience has taught us how search engines work and are constantly updating our methods to match each new update that search engines bring forth. MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU has sharply honed through SEO content writing the basic process of writing and its practical application on websites and our content quality reflects that commitment and goal of excellence. You can review the content as much, or as little, as you wish. We’re confident in our writing skills and know we’ll provide you with content that is appealing to both search engines and people. Of course, the final approval is yours to make and if there is anything you don’t like or want to add, just let us know and it will be done !

Financial Writing

Financial writing is intricate part of all business writings and it is truly formal. MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU offers financial writing service on-demand with professional and positive presentation for creating the best impact. Financial writers from Mono Translation Bureau are industry aware and are proficient in understanding the reason behind writing a financial report. One of the prime reasons for scripting a financial write up is presenting the corporate image of the concerned organization so that the right message is conveyed to the right audience with best transparency, reliability, and articulate narration. We work on these following items although our financial writing helps service is not limited to writing these products only :
Newsletter for Financial Partners’ update and records, Brochure and Sales Aids and Periodicals and financial summary for publications.
We regularly deal with assignments for Creating Financial Annual Reports of a company based on given data.

Legal Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU has a segment of writers who totally focus on legal writing. This come not only from ample experience but also massive exposure to various areas of legal writing. Our team understands the consequences that come with erroneous legal documents and ensure all matter is thoroughly researched, well-written, proof-read and checked again for any errors. The legal writing team covers Research for statute of limitations issues, Bankruptcy filing and simple legal filings, Contract drafting, monitoring and management, Writing for discovery and patent services, Medico-legal support, Drafting research memoranda, Legal pleadings of different kinds, Litigation documents and Review of existing documents.

Copy Editing

Team MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU ensures that all working on these projects are particularly careful about the specifications and subject matter specialists. They adhere strictly to defined project requirements. A copy editor is a very important member of the team. He or she will be familiar with your style requirements and special needs. Our Copy Editing services are conceived for quality-conscious authors requiring a thorough language check of the matter they have submitted. Papers submitted to this service are returned free of language, grammar and punctuation errors, in addition to any mistakes in technical terminology.

Other Services

Marketing Translation

Any company that has brands that are sold in different countries requires marketing translation for different consumers who speak other languages. The process requires translation of all content used for marketing, from posts in social media sites, scripts for videos, descriptions of products and advertising copy for print and broadcast materials. But it is a more nuanced translation rather than direct translation as there are more factors to consider when doing marketing translation. MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU ensures that the marketing message has the same context in any language, as well as culturally appropriate for all target consumers. The marketing content is specifically written to fit any brand, considering how it appeals to its target audience. Our team makes sure that all material generated by us adapts to the locale’s cultural context.

E-book writing and development

The concept of publishing E-book has become quite popular in digital marketing genre. The MONO TRANSLATION team for E book development is skilled and passionate about creating something excellent and pleasantly readable. We take care of the complete process of E book development and writing from the scratch according to your specification. Our team needs from the client ideas and content-map about the E book they are planning to create. The plans will be heard and everything kept recorded so that the plans of the client can be minutely followed developing the book. There is also another option, where the client can refer an E book and place an order to create a similar one with better content and same format. We will develop the entire E-book by following some interrelated development stages. We will select a topic for you and will get it approved, create index, develop content according to that index and select book covers and images.

Copy Writing

The expert copy writers at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU can help the client get found on the overcrowded web and spring the customers into action. We have perfected the art of persuasive writing at its peak and combine of the right approach, knowledge, and style to write something that has the capability to convince potential customers. The purpose of copywriting is not just to impress, but also to achieve specific business objectives. Any copywriting project begins with first analysing the target customers, their needs and solution offerings. Our professional copywriters then translate solutions into words that customers want to read, to be convinced of the value of their offerings. The result is a much higher conversion rate for your business. We provide copywriting services for all media types including websites, brochures, direct mail and other marketing materials.


To define what Interpretation is – it is a service in which the interpreter waits for the end of the original sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Consecutive interpretations are standard practice for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings. expert knowledge of the subject matter is equally as important as interpreting experience.There is Simultaneous Interpreting, where a member of our panel of MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU translates the sentence into the target language while simultaneously listening to and comprehending the next sentence. We can also talk of Escort/Travel Interpreting - escort/travel interpreters are not just interpreters, but often act as cultural liaisons, responsible for everything from ordering food to closing multi-million-rupee business deals. Besides many others, there is also Scheduled Telephone Interpreting (OPI or Over-the-Phone Interpretation) - This form of interpreting is performed during an established appointment where the interpreter does not see both parties in person, but executes the interpreting via telephone. There Are many other genres, which we tend to as and when required.

Proof Reading

Among the other skills, MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU also provides proofreading, editing and formatting services. Though the writing skills that we offer are excellent in themselves, we also take good care to provide a thorough proof reading. As the last stage of the editing process, proofreading ensures the visible errors are removed. Formatting is another important step. It is a process that helps meet the standards of a paper by making sure of the appropriate word choice and structure of the paper. Other guiding questions include : Is the tone consistent for the audience ? Is the choice of words appropriate to the ideas ? Is the word count adequate ? Even though the content might contain inconsistent claims, our expert editors at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU will support and ensure the assignment attains its specific goal.

Language classes

We at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU have been approached for language classes and for a number of reasons too. It has been for an overseas trip – personal or business. It is also quite important because scholars want to read the test in the original language in which it was composed and sometimes also so that one can take on new job responsibilities. Our organization does not flood you with false reassurances – it is hard work, but our language teachers are always available to make journey a little less tough. New grammar to learn, memorizing vocabulary words and also practice speakin. We focus on specific, tangible outcomes. Visualize and vocalize - Visualize the word you’re learning, imagine the image of what it represents and say the new word aloud. This helps you connect the concepts and can improve memorization. Gesture - the brain learns better when physical actions are used while learning. Cheers and we wish our learners all the best.

Academic Writing

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is very clear about the fact that Academic Writing is designated as formal writing. There is a wide variety of this genre – like instructional essay writing, instructional paper writing, academic research writing, academic time period paper writing, educational thesis writing, academic file writing and educational overview writing. Academic writing services are the one who help students with their course works and assignments. They bring about a standard result in every work that they undertake. The Academic Writing done by MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is free from plagiarism and any student is helped in getting a perfect score. The work will be particularly useful for online students.

Website Translation

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU takes particular care of Website and Localisation Services, because that can have a huge impact on whatever or wherever our client wishes to impact. Our team members provide accurate and effective website translation and localisation services. There is creation and maintenance of content for multilingual websites in all fields and preferred languages. We make sure that a selection of translated web pages can provide visitors with an essential information, but a localised site creates a full first impression for the business. Team MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU wants THE BUSNESS OF each and every one of our clients' business to succeed and grow in international markets. For this to become reality Website localisation is a must-have strategy.