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The terrorizing and the acute brunt of COVID-19 has shaken the world. Even the academic sector of our nation, India has been adversely affected. Approximately 30 crores of learners in dissimilar schools and colleges are facing tough challenges. This pandemic has taught us that change is unavoidable. It has forced the educational institutions to opt for proposals with technologies, which were rarely used. The education sector has worked hard to sustain itself during this crisis with a diverse approach; have almost digitised the challenges to get away with the menace of COVID 19. Here a million dollar question arises – this study through technology is doing us any good ?

Positives and Negatives of Online Education

Decoding conventional education even online education will assist the institutes in coming up with strategies for well-organized deliverance of the lessons and assuring unremitting educational journey for the students all over the country.

Positives of Online Learning

1. Accessibility - One of the major advantage of education online is that it permits students to take classes from all parts of the world. Online lectures can even be recorded for later reference.
2. Efficiency - With online learning, teachers can take the help of PDFs, videos, podcasts and can make learning more effective and interesting.
3. Cost-effective - Another wonderful benefit of online learning is that the financial cost is reduced considerably as compared to the traditional way of learning.
4. Online learning has a range of options - Each student has dissimilar learning styles. Some students like to study in groups while others are solo learners as they get distracted.

Negatives of Online Learning

1. Lack of Ability to Focus on Screens - The majority of the students are facing the challenge of focusing for prolonged hours on the screen. The students also get distracted with the activities going on around them. They also get allured with other social media sites.
2. Technology concerns - Internet connectivity can be a major issue while taking online classes. With the penetration of internet in the remotest of areas, even then the speed can be a challenge at times.
3. Isolation trauma - Students tend to learn a lot when they are in a group. It often results in isolation. So, the institutes should allow messages, video conferencing for personal interaction and lessen the feeling of traumatic isolation.
4. Screen time should be managed - Most of the parents have a strong objection as they are facing health issues with their children as they are spending long hours in front of the screen. The eyes are being affected. At times they do not observe the appropriate posture and face physical problems.
To combat the negatives, it is significant for institutes to empower teachers with apposite training. Adequate breaks from the screen should be given to the students so that they can refresh themselves and give rest to their eyes.