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Who is holding the future in India at ransom ? It is not the common man of India, but the clout of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that are driven by the lust for power and supremacy. They are overwhelmingly self-interested and narcissistic in their attitude. Most of them are full of themselves and ignore the best interest of the country. The power hungry politicians are convinced of their own dogmatic ideas and infallibility.

Politicians practice deceit and deception

Politicians need to be to be hardworking, honest and intelligent. Only then they can work for the welfare of the country. Research studies indicate that the people would be more willing and keen to vote if the politicians were to be admired and trusted. On the contrary, they are dishonest and lack integrity. People feel cheated and are of the view that politicians are not taking positive steps to deal with the important issues that affect them the most. The Kissan movement is rocking the country. Instead of making an honest and quick effort to resolve the issues, the people in power are beating about the bush and leaving people to suffer and die in this intense cold wave.

Power hungry politicians are not true representative of India

It is important that politicians should get out of this debilating and power hungry mind set to take notice of the needs of people and serve their interests. The sad reality is that they are self-focussed and ignore the well-being of the countrymen. Large numbers of Indians starve on the streets just few feet from gleaming and high end luxury skyscrapers. It is the skyscraper owners, who have the political power to decide how food stocks will be utilized in this agriculturally rich country. The politicians are placing higher priority on earning gigantic sums of money for agribusiness industry heads and exporters than on feeding the hungry populace of India.

Power-hungry politicians are keeping the future of India at stake

The inherent greed consuming the mind of politicians has made them paranoid. It is their idea that everyone who is opposing their viewpoint must be disposed of. In a democratic country like India it is important that opposition parties should air their views and no laws should be passed without watching the interest of a common man. If the current situation is not resolved, and power hungry politicians keep bickering and backstabbing, then the future of the country appears bleak. They are ignoring the safeguards and norms that protect common man and on the contrary are driving common people towards more grim future.

Lack of money, traumatic Corona pandemic and unemployment is the major concern that keeps young people awake at night. Studies reveal that in India, the mega-wealthy politically powerful politicians are driving the country. They hanker for more power and dominance without safeguarding and watching the interests of the common man.